Dr Susie Miles introduces the Inclusive Learning Topic Guide Learning Achievement: Engaging with Evidence Family Planning
Teacher holding hand of blind student, North Darfur, Sudan

Dr Susie Miles introduces the Inclusive Learning Topic Guide

The HEART Topic Guide brings together evidence on what works in inclusive learning for children aged 3 to 12 years with disabilities and/or difficulties in learning in low and middle income countries, and explores the role of inclusive approaches in contributing to inclusive societies and ultimately inclusive growth. Inclusive learning is defined in the Topic [...]Read more >

Waiting mothers shelter, Zimbabwe

Learning Achievement: Engaging with Evidence

This paper, developed in-house by DFID staff, is intended to be the first iteration of a ‘living document’ to explore in more detail the Learning Framework themes (see figure 1 below) and their relation to learning achievement. The idea is for this paper to bring together in-house synthesis work on existing evidence and to act [...]Read more >

Mother and baby smiling, Nigeria

Family Planning

This document presents a summary of family planning. It reviews existing literature, examining carefully what the current knowledge is, where the important issues or problems lie and “what works”. It is divided into ten sections. This guide was produced as a result of a reading week held for the UK Department for International Development (DFID) advisers in mid-2012. The topics and readings were chosen by experts in the field but are not a comprehensive review of all family planning literature. The main audience for this guide is policymakers, advisers, managers and practitioners. Read more >

Progress is fast, but not fast enough: Taking stock of progress on Women’s and Child health

17 October 2014

In the first blog from his series from the UN General Assembly in New York, Steve Lewis reports on progress on Women and Children’s health in the last year. It was impressive to find a room-full of global health leaders at 8.30am on a Sunday morning, meeting to discuss progress on health indicators. The presence of a welcoming breakfast was [...]

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Julia McGeown on inclusive education

17 October 2014

Girl with disability writing on board

Julia McGeown is the Inclusive Education Technical Advisor at Handicap International. In this interview, she talks about the recently published HEART Inclusive Education Topic Guide. Julia’s work involves overseeing education projects in around 20 countries around the world. Working alongside Dr Susie Miles, Julia used her expertise to assist with the drafting of the Topic [...]

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Tackling ‘hidden hunger’: Launch of the Global Hunger Index

16 October 2014

Child eating

The lack of essential vitamins and minerals in diets, known as hidden hunger, affects over two billion people worldwide. This was the focus of this year’s Global Hunger Index, launched on Monday by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Welthungerhilfe and Concern Worldwide. Despite increased access to food, the absence of micronutrients in a [...]

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Seizing the opportunity to sustain economic growth by investing in nutrition in Zambia

15 October 2014

It is to the credit of the Zambian leadership and the development community that a great deal of momentum for nutrition has been built in the past few years. The level of undernutrition in Zambia is high and persistent, with almost one in every two children stunted for their age. In June 2013 the Zambian [...]

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Turning rapid growth into meaningful growth: sustaining the commitment to nutrition in Zambia

15 October 2014

The level of undernutrition in Zambia is high and persistent. The increasing commitment of Zambian and international stakeholders to changing this situation holds out the prospect a real decline in undernutrition over the coming years. In addition, the current strong growth of GDP per capita is potentially a positive driver of future undernutrition decline. Despite these [...]

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Richard Rose on inclusive learning in India

15 October 2014

Two young mothers learning to write, India

Richard Rose is Professor of Inclusive Education at the University of Northampton. In this interview he talks about inclusive education in India and the Bangalore based Masters programme that he has helped to developed on the topic. He talks about the importance of not imposing a western view of inclusion and western teaching approaches on [...]

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Planning and costing to accelerate actions for Scaling Up Nutrition

14 October 2014

A nurse measures a child's arm with a severe malnutrition, North Darfur, Sudan

The Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement was launched in 2010 to reinvigorate efforts to address undernutrition globally. It brings together a diverse group of stakeholders to strengthen political commitments and improve accountability by providing a platform for collective action in which governments, civil society organisations (CSOs), businesses, donors and the United Nations can work together [...]

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Elaine Unterhalter on girls’ education and gender equality

13 October 2014

Child at an outdoor class, Jamaica

In this video, Elaine Unterhalter discusses a rigorous literature review focused on girls’ education and gender equality, which she wrote with colleagues. It was commissioned by the Department for International Development (DFID) as part of a series on education. The central research question that the review set out to investigate concerned the kind of interventions [...]

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Human resources for eye health – bringing vision into focus

09 October 2014

Today is World Sight Day, which is in principle an advocacy event, where eye health practitioners, organisations, researchers, partners and supporters raise public awareness of blindness & vision impairment as major international public health issues. So what do we know about blindness and visual impairment? It is estimated that about 285 million people are visually [...]

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Educational technology

06 October 2014

This guide aims to contribute to what we know about the relationship between educational technology (edtech) and educational outcomes by addressing the following overarching question: What is the evidence that the use of edtech, by teachers or students, impacts teaching and learning practices, or learning outcomes? It also offers recommendations to support advisors to strengthen the design, implementation and evaluation of programmes that use edtech. We define edtech as the use of digital or electronic technologies and materials to support teaching and learning. Recognising that technology alone does not enhance learning, evaluations must also consider how programmes are designed and implemented, how teachers are supported, how communities are developed and how outcomes are measured.

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